Thursday, May 30, 2024

Emmet Cahill thanks town’s musical heritage as he prepares for homecoming concert

By Diarmuid Sherry
Tenor ace Emmet Cahill has praised the people of Mullingar and its “musical heritage” for encouraging his talents and music career. Part of the famous group, Celtic Thunder, Emmet completed a solo tour in North America this spring, and is now preparing for a hometown performance at Mullingar Arts Centre on Saturday, 18 May.

World acclaimed Tenor, Emmet said: “This concert in Mullingar will probably be the only show I will do in Mullingar this year. It will be my first time in Mullingar Arts Centre for about three or four years. It is nice to be back doing that and it is coinciding with a tour of Ireland I am doing. We have about 100 fans from America, Australia and Canada coming over to visit Ireland and we like to put on a show in the middle of that trip.”

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